Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hello!!! and a freebie for you!!

Hi everyone!  It seems like quite some time since I have been able to get on my computer and scrapbook.  This is the busy time of year for me as my two oldest boys play baseball.  This year was extra busy since between the two of them, they were on 5 different teams.  Add in with that my oldest going to prom, getting ready to graduate, and getting things ready for him to head off to college.  Busy, busy, busy!!  
But, I was able to find a little time to sit down and thought I would create a little gift for you.  I created an add on for my WIN PLACE SHOW kit.  The kit is on sale for 50% until the end of the month.
Win, Place, Show - PU/S4H/S4O

You can also pick up another small add-on in the USE IT ALL Challenge at SNP.

And now onto my little gift.  Here is a set of girl jockeys for you.  Click the preview to download.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Happy iNSD!!

Hey! It is one of our favorite weekends of the year! Join us at Scraps N Pieces for special challenges to earn portion of a HUGE designer collab, live events to earn coupons to the store, a storewide sale and lots of fun all for YOU! Our theme this year is I Am...... 22410_10206966075414209_1149806063852552336_n


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

SNP in April

2015 is in full swing and the first three months of the year are done.  At Scraps N Pieces, we are staying busy bringing you all kinds of goodies this month, so let's jump right in, shall we?
The store's monthly collab for April is a cute one.  Introducing "Whoo's Havin' Fun?", a whimsical kit full of fairies, mushrooms, and cute lil' owls.
This month's Bits N Pieces (BNP) is a sweet, soft palette of colors with a variety of options to choose from...
 Don't forget to stop by our store blog each day and snag the daily downloads of a fun kit!  Then come back next month and use it in the Scrap the Pieces challenge!
If you have a little extra time this month, be sure to check out the speed scrap dates/times and add them to you calendar.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

SNP in March

The month of March is here, which means spring isn't far away.  The SNP Designers have been busy creating some amazing stuff for our awesome members.
Those of us with boys are going to love March's Collab kit - Hey Dude.  Pick up this awesome kit or the bundle (includes quickpages) today!  Be sure to use it for the monthly collab kit challenge as well and earn some challenge points.
Have a fur-baby in your house?  Planning to take a trip the zoo soon?  Well, the Bits N Pieces this month will capture those memories beautifully.  These each are $1 during the first week of March.  Use any of these to earn forum challenge points in the Bits N Pieces challenge as well.
Be sure to squeeze in a little time for a speed scrap.  You wouldn't want to miss out on some great participation prizes.
Don't forget to check out our store blog each day in March and snag a daily download.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

February SNP Blog Train (2 free templates)

It's time for another blog train!!  Hop aboard and pick up some great coordinating pieces!!  You can grab my part, a template, here.


                                    Just For Fun Designs  <--- YOU ARE HERE
You can also grab another free template on my facebook page.  It is part of LOVE STORY FACEBOOK HOP by some of the awesome SNP designers.  You can find it under the SNP BLOG HOP tab on the left of my facebook fan page.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

SNP in February

Love is in the air!  Can you smell it?  I can.  You know, it's a cross between chocolate and rose petals.  Over a Scraps N Pieces (SNP), we are feelin' the love for our members for sure.  We have some beautiful stuff for you this month.
Always trying to get the best photo and loves to show it off to the world - those are two qualities that best describe scrapbookers and the paparazzi.  Check out the newest collab kit by the designers at SNP.  Be sure to snatch this up and post your layout in the Collab Kit forum challenge.
Grab the kit (linked here and below)...
Or grab the bundle that include the quickpages (linked here or below)...
The color palette for February's Bits N Pieces is so bright and sweet, sort of like candy hearts.  And there are some fun products on sale this month, each for just $1 through February 7.  Be sure to snatch them up and post your layout in the BnP forum challenge.  Click here for the BnP Category in the store.
It's a short month remember, so be sure to squeeze in some time for a speed scrap or two.